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Wilderness Wear is an Australian designer and manufacturer of premium outdoor clothing. The products are made from a blend of merino wool and polypropylene.


Wilderness Wear is a manufacturer of premium outdoor clothing which is designed and manufactured in Australia. The products are made mainly from merino wool, and the wool is blended with polypropylene to make their socks and other items of clothing durable and comfortable. They have distributors in the USA and Japan and will ship to other countries as well.

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What is Wilderness Wear?

Wilderness Wear is an Australian company which designs and manufactures socks and base layers made from a merino wool blend. The company started in Tasmania in 1989 with an old Tasmanian hosiery company which they purchased. Later they moved to Melbourne. In 2006, they expanded into the USA market and then into the Japanese market in 2007.

Where are they based?

Wilderness Wear is based in Melbourne with distributors in Japan and the USA.

Where do they ship to?

They ship to all locations in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Japan, but they also ship to other countries.

What kinds of products and clothing do they sell?

Wilderness Wear is probably the most famous for its merino wool socks for both men and women. They make socks for hiking, skiing, and running. They also have compression socks which give the wearer increased blood flow and muscle containment in order to improve performance.

In addition to their socks, they also sell different kinds of hybrid base layers for both men and women. Their main products are men’s and women’s short and long sleeve tees and crew necks. As well as these, you will be able to buy cycle jerseys, hoodies, skull caps and balaclavas, jackets, leggings, and wrist gloves.

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“Our Wilderness Wool™ is sourced from the highest grade Merino wool from specific growers in Tasmania who have been selectively breeding sheep for this purpose for generations. It is great that the provenance is clear and that a product range of this quality level can be truly referred to as completely Australian.”


What materials do they use in their clothing?

Wilderness Wear products are made from a high percentage of Australian merino wool, but what makes Wilderness Wear products special are their hybrid weaves of merino and polypropylene. Each blend has a different benefit. Products made with the profilen blend have decreased friction to help reduce the formation of blisters. Merino Fusion Climayarn has a quick drying time, so it helps the user to stay warm at low temperature. Coolmax fibres are good for moisture wicking allowing you to stay cool and dry when you exercise.

In addition to the benefits of using hybrid blends, Wilderness Wear is able to take advantage of the different grades of sustainable merino wool to make products that suit a wide range of weather and climate conditions. The heavier the wool, the warmer the clothes. Cumulo Merino Ultralight uses 17.5 micron wool. Merino max is the warmest.

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Wool is sourced from the highest grade Merino wool from specific growers in Tasmania who have been selectively breeding sheep for this purpose for generations.

Where are the clothing and products manufactured?

Wilderness Wear is a 100% Australian-owned company which designs and makes its products in Australia. Its factory is located in Melbourne.

Are there any physical stores?

While Wilderness Wear does not have any physical stores, Wilderness Wear products are stocked in a large number of stores, everywhere except the ACT. The products are also available online through a large number of platforms such as Wildfire and The Wool Room.

Do they have a returns policy?

Not only can you return your unwanted products for free, but you will be able to get a full refund. In Australia, you can also choose to exchange your product for free. Wilderness Wear allow for international exchange, but unfortunately it is not free.

Advantages of Wilderness Wear?

  • Wilderness Wear is completely Australian-made and owned and you will be supporting a local company.
  • The products are mostly made from the highest grade merino wool which is a natural fibre that is produced in Australia.
  • Wilderness Wear hybrid blends are odour resistant and provide good moisture wicking ensuring comfortable wear.
  • They have a mens and womens range
  • The blends created by Wilderness wear are durable
  • AfterPay is available, so you don’t have to pay the full price up front.
  • Wilderness Wear offers a one year warranty for repair or replacement of any item of clothing that does not perform to your satisfaction.
wilderness wear merino socks
Wilderness Wear is completely Australian-made and owned and you will be supporting a local company.

“Durable, lightweight and soft, Australian Merino wool is warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer.” 


Disadvantages of Wilderness Wear? 

  • Wilderness Wear products are expensive. Although they have discounts, at the time of writing, the cheapest socks were $9 a pair, and the price of men’s and women’s long sleeve tees were $60. The regular price of tees is more than $100.
  • There is a limited range of sizes and do not make clothing for larger sizes. For women, the range of sizes is size 8-16 and the information on the website says that they are a slim fit. A review by We Are Explorers said that the crew top was quite tight, so this could be an issue for women who are size 16. For men, the size range is from S to 2XL.
  • There is a limited range of colours. Some of the products are only available in one colour, although others may have more colours.
  • It may not be practical to buy Wilderness Wear clothing as it may be too warm for the Australian climate except for the winter in the southern states.

Is Wilderness Wear worth it?

Wilderness Wear products are high-quality products which are designed and made in Australia from merino wool which has been grown in Australia. Although the clothing is made from a wool blend, there is a high percentage of merino wool in each product. The clothing they make is warm and is great for a cold climate. Wilderness Wear clothing is expensive, but the company is so sure of their quality that they offer a one year warranty on their clothing. Wilderness Wear often makes lists of best outdoor clothing and has many good reviews. If comfort and performance are important to you, then Wilderness Wear is definitely worth it.

wilderness wear base layers
Wilderness Wear have both mens and womens base layers and socks


If you live in a cold climate or you participate in cold weather sports such as skiing and hiking, you will need warm clothes and it is well worth trying Wilderness Wear clothing. Because the clothing is made from Australian merino wool, a natural fibre, you can be sure of warmth. Wilderness Wear’s special wool blends are comfortable and perform well. They are expensive, but they are worth it. Wilderness Wear are so proud of their products that they offer a change of mind refund and a one year warranty. Not only will you get a quality product, but you will be supporting an Australian company which uses Australian materials.

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