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Survival Gears Depot is a one-stop shop for all the accessories and gear you need to survive during outdoor adventures. Read on for the detailed review..


Going on an adventure for quite a few days could bring a lot of trouble for travelers if they don’t bring the fitting survival gear kit. Therefore, it’s a good idea to buy all items on your survival gear list before planning your next adventure. This might be tricky, especially if you’re a first-timer.

This article is here to help beginners to experts search for the right gear for survival. It is essential to be concerned about choosing the best quality survival gear products because it is a matter of..well, your survival! On a serious note, people must learn how to make a survival kit if they love roaming around in the wild or the mountains.

Let’s see how Survival Gears Depot can help!

What is the Survival Gears Depot?

It is one of the best scale-up businesses focusing on providing and delivering quality survival gear and accessories to customers who love going on tours and adventures. Although it is one of the newest online platforms to shop for your equipment, it has top-quality products that you will want to be included in your next quest.

Moreover, this one-stop online shopping website offers amazing discounts and giveaways quite often. So, visit the Survival Gears Depot to find the product you have been looking for. It even provides a money-back guarantee of 60 days and assures you of safe shopping and delivery at your doorstep.

You will find navigating and placing your orders a quick and easy experience. Everything is smooth and easily tracked, from placing your order to payment and delivery.

survival gears depot

Where is the Survival Gears Depot based?

The head office of Survival Gears Depot is based in Valley Cottage, NY. Being based in one of the most popular places in the world, it has access to some exciting survival products that can come in handy for you.

What kind of survival gear do they sell?

You will find a comprehensive range of survival gear at this online shop. Whatever you need, you can order from this platform whether you are looking for military survival gear, gear for camping, hunting or others. Make your survival gear list and find all your desired survival bags and equipment in this shop.

They have survival equipment specialists who perform a thorough quality assurance check before putting gear online for selling. From the best survival bag for camping to small accessories like compasses, tools, first aid or storage cans, there is everything available.

Here is the list of survival gear you will find at the Survival Gears Depot;






These are the main categories that include many other accessories and life-saving gear. You can even filter out the product by highly recommended and top-selling.

Some of the available Survival Gear

“We strive to deliver the best possible survival gears to our customers!”

Do they sell other gear?

Yes, apart from survival gear, they sell other relevant equipment according to different situations and needs. Let’s look at some of these accessories;

●      Camping Gear: Finding survival gear for camping hassle-free with Survival Gears Depot, as it sells portable camping tents, sleeping bags, wireless speakers, flashlights and many more top-selling products.

Camping Gear items

●      Hunting Gear: You can buy hunting gear, including Tactical Water Bottle Holder, Vintage Military Combat Boots, 300M Telescope Night Vision Binoculars, Airsoft Camouflage Tactical Suit, Camo Fishing Hunting Cap and other essential gear for hiking. These all are pure quality products with many positive customer reviews.

There is plenty of hunting gear and clothing items such as boots and cargo pants

●      Hiking Gear: Find your favorite Outdoor Sports Tracker Smartwatch, Trekking Waterproof Drifting Backpack, Fully Automatic Camping Tent, OTG Anti-Fog Ski Goggles, Suede Leather Outdoor Snow Boots and other premium quality accessories at this one-stop online gear shop.

Hiking Gear options including watches, bags, boots and tents

●      Fishing Gear: Ultralight Fly Rods and Fishing Reel Set, Portable Electric Mini Air Pump, Men Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag, Clip-On Carabiner Pocket Watch, Professional Release Anti-slip Lure Fish Glove, Breathable Quick Dry Fishing Non-Slip Shoe and other core fishing gears.

Fishing Gear items including non slip shoes, fishing tackle boxes, rods and other clothes.

Where do they ship to?

You may find online shops for survival gear that can ship their products within one state, two states, or even in all 50 states, but Survival Gears Depot ships products worldwide where feasible. So, ordering survival gear to survive is much more convenient. You can even take advantage of sales offered occasionally, but you need to stay posted because flash sales are only available for 12 hours or a period determined by the officials.

You can even get a refund if you’re unsatisfied with your gear.

Tracking your order is easy as well. But, if you order something, you will have to allow 12-28 days for delivery because of high demand, which takes longer than standard delivery during the holiday season. You will receive your order after a thorough customs inspection.

Are there any physical stores?

No, there is no physical store of Survival Gear Depot as they only provide an online service with multiple warehouses in various locations, and solely an online business.

You can log on and organise registration of an account to manage your order or simply order as a guest. Ordering online is usually a lot more of a safer experience anyway in terms of reducing travel and having evidence of your order.

Do they stock good quality products?

Most customers are happy and satisfied with the products provided by this platform. A proper check and inspection in terms of quality ensure the premium product is delivered. All gear for survival, hiking, hunting, and fishing go through the proper channel of quality checks.

These products are perfectly safe in warehouses available worldwide. So, you will be delivered your products from your nearest warehouse.

Advantages of the Survival Gears Depot store

●     It’s a one-stop online shop where you can find all your gear.

●      You can easily filter out the products you are looking for by top-selling, recommended and pricing.

●      There are many offers and advertising of sales on products. So, you can also save your money while buying premium products.

●      There is a refund policy to keep customers happy.

Survival Gears Depot partners with the best and most experienced manufacturers all round the world and we buy large quantity products and store it at our warehouses located in various locations in order to provide you with the most affordable prices for all the products we list in our store.”

Disadvantages of the Survival Gears Depot store

●      There is minimal time placed on flash sales, so people need to be quick.

●      Sometimes, it can take many days to deliver the order.

●      You may not receive all your products at one time because products are delivered from different warehouses, but you will get your products as promised.

●      Tracking information will be available only when the product arrives in your country.


Survival Gears Depot is a popular and reliable online shop for all your survival, fishing, prepping, hiking, camping, hunting and essential adventure gear. Delivery may be delayed depending on your location, but if you happen to take advantage of sales or discounts, you likely won’t be disappointed when it comes to quality and price, compared to other sites or services.

You can take a look at their Facebook page HERE. You may also find some more options and Facebook products on there too. Facebook products provide hints on upcoming sales events every now and then too.

Have you ever shopped at the Survival Gears Depot? What were your thoughts? Were there certain features about products you loved or didn’t love? What about the price and customer service? Let us know in the comments below!

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