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These prepper blogs have covered all your needs, from preparing your home for an emergency to stocking up on essential supplies! Read on to learn more!


Being prepared is truly the mantra of many preppers. Whether it’s finding shelter or stocking up on supplies, knowledge will increase one’s chances of surviving whatever crisis. This article will cover the top 10 prepper blogs/survival blogs available for avid and aspiring preppers to read up on survival-related topics. Topics in these blogs range from first aid and wilderness tips to food storage, survival gear, survival mindset and disaster preparedness – so get ready to learn all you can about being a prepper!

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Who visits Prepper blogs and websites?

The people who visit Prepper’s blogs and websites are typically interested in preparedness and self-reliance. They may be looking for information on becoming more self-sufficient, or they may already be quite knowledgeable and seek out like-minded individuals with whom to connect.

Preppers’ blogs attract a wide range of readers, from those who are just beginning to learn about family preparedness to those who are experienced preppers themselves. No matter where someone falls on the spectrum, there is likely a Preppers blog or website that can provide valuable information and insights.

What are the Top ten Prepper Blogs?

Here are the top 10 prepper blogs or survival sites you need to check out!











The Prepared

This blog contains all the information you require, from first aid to personal finance. This blog by The Ready Store is an excellent resource if you’re looking for tips on water storage, creating an emergency plan, and building a bug-out bag.

“We are The Prepared and our mission is to help you survive emergencies — from everyday stuff like car accidents to natural disasters and big SHTF things like societal collapse or war. We’re obsessed with creating well researched and practical guides and reviews of the best methods and gear so that you can get prepared without too much time or stress – or worse, learning and buying the wrong things.”


●    You’ll also find helpful product reviews and recommendations.


●     Some of the articles are too basic for experienced preppers—so it’s best for people just starting.

The Survival Mom

Lisa Bedford created and wrote this blog, she started this blog keeping in mind the home and family survival tricks, and her blogs are usually mom-friendly and home survival manuals.

the survival mom


●    The Survival Mom is an excellent resource for beginner preppers.

●    Her blog covers creating a food storage plan, starting a garden, and making a bug-out bag.


●    The Survival Mom doesn’t offer much in the way of advanced prepping advice.

Ask a Prepper

Ask a Prepper is a blog dedicated to helping readers prepare for anything and everything life can throw their way. With advice on stocking an emergency kit, learning self-reliance skills, and crafting long-term survival plans, this site delivers quality information that everyone should read. The blog also provides resources for further reading, which is always helpful in today’s ever-changing world. Plus, it has plenty of tips and tricks from experienced preppers that you will only find on the web.

ask a prepper


●    Ask a Prepper provides advice and support specific to prepping and informative articles on emergency preparedness and long-term Survival.

●    It also includes an extensive list of resources for further reading.


●    The blog is geared mainly toward single preppers or families with small children, so those in other scenarios may not find the same value from reading the site.

Survival Life

Survival Life is a blog that covers a broad range of topics for self-reliance and Survival. You will find information about building emergency kits, cooking with natural ingredients, and outdoor mastering skills. Plus, the blog offers gear reviews and gear recommendations to help you get the most from your prepping efforts. Whether you’re just starting or an experienced prepper, Survival Life provides plenty of helpful advice and tips.

survival life


●    Survival Life offers a wide range of topics, from bug-out bags to homesteading. You’ll also find plenty of product reviews and gear recommendations to ensure you get the best quality items for your prepping list.


●    The website is geared more toward general survival skills than towards prepping specifically.


Survivopedia is an online resource focused on self-reliance, emergency preparedness, and survival skills. It covers everything from building shelters and stockpiling food to learning wilderness navigation techniques. This blog is an excellent source of info for novice preppers and seasoned experts.



●    Survivopedia provides a wealth of information on all aspects of prepping and Survival.

●     From building backyard forts to foraging for wild foods, this blog covers topics that will be useful to anyone who wants to stay prepared.


●    The website can be overwhelming—there’s so much content that you may sometimes feel lost.

Modern Survival

Modern Survival is a blog dedicated to helping modern-day preppers prepare for everyday and catastrophic events. In addition to providing practical tips and strategies, the blog offers interviews with experts in various fields like healthcare, nutrition, sustainability, and more. This site is an invaluable source of information for anyone looking to stay one step ahead of an ever-changing world.

“Prepping is a never-ending endeavor – there are so many things I learned and applied about 5 years ago when i got started. I could probably write down at least 10,000 topics and still not cover everything.”


●    Modern Survival provides timely, actionable advice on everything from emergency medical care to computer security.

●    You’ll also find some great resources for furthering your education and staying up to date with the latest prepping news articles and current events.


●     The website features lots of ads, which can be distracting at times.

The Survival Blog

The Survival blog is another excellent resource for prepping and survival information. It contains helpful articles, tutorials, and an active community of readers who can provide additional insight on various topics.

survival blog


●    The Survival blog is a comprehensive resource for prepping and surviving in different conditions.

●    It contains articles and tutorials on wilderness skills, preparedness, urban Survival, self-sufficiency, disaster relief, and more.

●    It also has an active community of readers willing to share their knowledge and experiences about preparing for emergencies.


●    While the information on The Survival blog is valuable and practical, it only sometimes goes into great detail about specific topics. Additionally, some of the information found on this blog may need to be updated due to its age.

Backdoor Pepper

Backdoor pepper is an excellent resource for prepping topics related to sustainable living and homesteading. It contains posts about gardening, food storage, renewable energy, raising animals, canning and preserving food, and much more. While it provides valuable information in these areas, it needs to provide logistical details or detailed how-to guides to help readers get started with specific projects. Additionally, its forum may need updated information or be prone to debates between readers.

backdoor prepper


●    Backdoor pepper is a blog focused on preparedness topics, with a particular emphasis on homesteading and permaculture.

●    It includes posts about gardening, food storage, renewable energy, raising chickens and ducks, canning and preserving food, foraging for edibles in the wild, and much more.

●    The blog also has an active forum where readers can ask questions and share their experiences.


●    Despite being useful for knowledge of preparedness topics and homesteading techniques, Backdoor pepper needs to provide logistical information such as local resources or how-to guides for specific projects.

●    Additionally, the forum may need more information or be prone to arguments between readers.

The Preparedness Mama

The Preparedness Mama is an excellent resource for practical tips and strategies related to emergency preparedness. It contains detailed guides on essential topics such as food storage, family emergency communication, first aid kits, and more. Its active community of readers provides helpful advice via online forum discussions, and the blog regularly updates with new information. However, some of the information here may need to be updated or relevant to specific geographic locations. Arguments in the forums have been known to take place without proper moderation.

preparedness mama


●    The Preparedness Mama focuses on practical tips and strategies for preparing for various disasters and emergencies.

●     It provides detailed guides on food storage, emergency communication, first aid kits, urban prepping, and more.

●    Additionally, the blog has an active community of readers who can provide helpful advice via online forum discussions.


●    Despite its wealth of content, some of the information on The Preparedness Mama may need to be updated or applicable to specific geographic locations.

●     Additionally, while there is an active forum, some discussions may become heated or lack proper moderation resulting in a hostile environment.

The Preparedness Advice

The Preparedness Advice is a blog focused on helping people prepare for disasters, economic collapse and other emergencies. It covers food storage, emergency communication, first aid, home security, and more. Its active community of readers can provide additional guidance on any related topic. However, it could go into better detail about specific projects or logistical factors like local resources, and arguments in the forum have been known to occur without proper moderation.

preparedness advice


●     The Preparedness Advice is a blog explicitly focused on prepping for disasters and emergencies.

●     Additionally, the blog has an active community of readers who can provide additional guidance on any preparedness-related topic.


●    Despite providing helpful information about preparedness topics, The Preparedness Advice sometimes needs to go into better detail about specific projects or logistical factors like local resources.


The ten blogs highlighted in this article represent the very best when it comes to prepping and Survival. Whether you’re just getting into prepping or are looking for an experienced guide, each of these blogs will provide valuable insights and strategies for preparing yourself for whatever may come your way. From creating a stockpile of supplies to demonstrating why being prepared is so important, there’s something here for everyone interested in becoming a better prepper. So please look at what each offers, study their advice closely, and start prepping today!

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